Wednesday, 27 June 2012

K-POP : Fans celebrate Seohyun’s 22nd birthday with a newspaper....

On June 28th, fans of Girls’ Generation‘s maknae Seohyun celebrated her 22nd birthday (Korean age) by publishing a thoughtful message in a newspaper advertisement.
The message stated, “Look when you’re lonely. Bright like your smile, clear like your heart, and wide like your love, look up at the blue sky. Our hearts will be with you to the end, wherever your song can reach. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ♥SEOHYUN♥ Happy 22nd birthday to Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun ^0^.”
It’s become tradition for members of Girls’ Generation and other artists’ fan cafes to publish birthday ads for their favorite artists every year.
Seohyun celebrated her birthday by having a small dinner party with friendsSuper Junior‘s Leeteuk tweeted, “Angel maknae princess Seohyun! Happy birthday! I was really surprised by your sudden party invite. Although it was a short time, it’s been such a long while since we gathered like this. Eunhyukcame and went ahead of me. Anyway, happy birthday.”
Following South Korea’s age system, Seohyun is 22-years-old, but her date of birth is June 28, 1991.


Tuesday, 26 June 2012

K-POP : 2AM’s Seulong Reveals that Jinwoon Has Multiple Personality Disorder?

2AM’s Seulong Reveals that Jinwoon Has Multiple Personality Disorder?

2AM’s Jinwoon has multiple personality disorder? Seulong recently provided pictures through twitter that showed very strange sides of Jinwoon. He looks very crazy indeed!
Seulong tweeted on June 25, “Jung Jinwoon. I think he is definitely suffering from multiple personality disorder. I laughed. He’s crazy. It’s only the two of us inside of the dormitory and I’m scared… This is just like a horror movie. Kkk.”
Seulong posted three pictures that went with the tweet. In the pictures Jinwoon is shown with crazy eyes and poses. He looks funny and scary at the same time.
Netizens commented on the pictures, “Jinwoon is very funny,” “What is he doing right now? Does he really have multiple personality disorder?” “I really like this picture,” “I guess this is how the two of them play together,” and “It’s scary and creepy.”

Monday, 25 June 2012

K-POP : Boram’s sister Wooram to hold a mini fan meet before D-Unit debut..........

D-Unit‘s Wooram, best known as the younger sister of T-ara‘s Boram, has revealed that she’ll be holding a mini fan meet before her official debut.
Having prepared to become a singer since two years ago, Wooram had an established fanbase ever since she was spotlighted as Boram’s younger sister. Her fans had watched over her slowly, but surely pave her path to becoming a singer and now boasts 300 members in the official club.
Thirty of those lucky fans will be able to meet with Wooram and her fellow D-Unit members Soojin andYoojin. Wooram’s official fanclub will be changing their status to support the entire trio after their debut.
Wooram expressed, “I was always so sorry for only receiving from my fans, so I’d like to take this opportunity to buy them food and converse with them. I plan on introducing D-Unit and asking for their support for our debut.”
Representatives of D-Unit stated, “After hearing about Wooram’s fanclub, our company thought we should do something for them. We hope that this fan meet opportunity will make their friendship stronger and help them grow as a fanclub that helps each other out.”
D-Unit will debut in early August.

K-POP : Staff Picks: Idol MVPs

Get a glimpse of what we’re talking about and listening to at the 6Theory office with this fun feature! We’ll be offering you guys a personal selection of our favorite things from K-Pop.
In light of LeBron’s recent MVP award, we wondered who in K-Pop would we award the MVP award? Of course K-Pop is nothing like basketball, so we searched to see which idols had pivotal roles responsible for their groups successes today. Checkout the list below and let us know who you think should win a K-Pop MVP award.

                                        Girls’ Generation: Yoona

Yoona may not have many lines in the group, but as far as visuals go, she always seems to be in the spotlight. Whether she’s your bias or not, Yoona represent the overall concept of Girls’ Generation and is the most sought out member for CFs and television appearances. Taeyeon’s increasing popularity these days gets her a close 2nd place.


                                                 miss A: Suzy

Suzy might not be of much help for Miss A in the performance division, but as one of the hottest celebs in Korea, she’s the key reason why the group is still very much relevant and anticipated in Korea

                                             MBLAQ: Lee Joon 

Lee Joon’s riot in variety shows and much like how Suzy brings in the attention of the public eye to Miss A, Lee Joon provides the same for MBLAQ.


                                          Super Junior: Leeteuk

Leeteuk takes place as the group’s leader and for good reason. He’s headstrong with a bright personality, serving as the voice for the group, and many times, SM artists in general.

B2ST: Kikwang

Yoseob may be the voice of the group and Doojoon may be the leader, but Kikwang rakes in the fans and viewers. Let’s not forget his solo debut was what spawned the concept and creation of B2ST. His beginnings and on-going contributions continuously contribute greatly to the group’s success.

4Minute: HyunA

Do we really need an explanation here? She may not be the best rapper or singer, but she gets her girlsnoticed and from what we see on variety shows, she seems to be really cool too. A lot of fans accuse Cube of not giving the other girls enough screen time, but really it’s impossible to not be upstaged by HyunA.

T-ara: Eunjung

Jiyeon is undoubtedly their most popular member, but Eunjung’s got a strong fan following of her own too. The multi-talented pagaent-child star, actress, singer, rapper is the model T-ara members are molded after. She was the longest running leader in the group for a reason!

Big Bang: G-Dragon

An obvious choice, but we had to include this one. He’s responsible for many of the groups hits and most memorable looks. It’s G-Dragon: leader, fashionista, rapper… K-Pop visionary.

2NE1: CL

If 2NE1 had to be described in one word, it’d be “attitude”, and that’s exactly what 2NE1 leader CL provides. Sure Dara and Bom secures the groups fanbase, but its CL’s badassery that gets you to take of notice of them in the first place.

Honorable Mention:
After School: Kahi

We couldn’t have this list without including one of the most memorable MVPs and leaders in K-Pop history. It’s hard to imagine what After School would have been without Kahi ever debuting with the group. With her extensive experience in the industry, the girls were able to pull off extremely complex drumline and tap dancing performances most idol groups dare not attempt. Although she’s not in the group anymore, her presence is still vibrant in the group, as clearly shown through the group’s discipline and professionalism.
I decided to shed some light here for Nana as well, currently the group’s most watched member. Actually Pledis has been doing that for some time now for me, giving her more screentime and even giving Nana her own solo track on the current maxi-single they released this month. Since Nana’s admission to After School, the groups direction’s slowly shifted to reflect her super-model image. Although After School debuted with a Korean Pussycat Doll concept with “Ah”, slowly that’s waned over time, but with the focus now on Nana, we’re seeing that fierce concept making a sharp return.
Do you agree with our MVP choices?

Sunday, 24 June 2012

K-POP : Nana Shows Off Sexy Body!!!

Nana Shows Off Sexy Body Through Diet Commercial Picture

A picture of After School’s Nana was released that are being called, “No Conscience Cut.” (The picture is being called no conscience, saying that it is mean for her to put up the picture because she is so beautiful.)
The picture of Nana showed up on a community board June 25 with the title, “Nana, a direct picture of her that is pure art.”
The picture shows Nana wearing black hot pants and a tank top for a diet commercial. Her body looks like it has a perfect ratio, and the picture features her signature long legs.
Netizens stated, “That picture really has no conscience, I need to diet,” “I think she is the most beautiful model out of the diet models,” and “That is a perfect body.”
Currently After School is promoting their fifth single, “Flashback” which was release on June 20.

Friday, 22 June 2012

K-POP : Core Contents Media contemplates fast-tracking Dani’s debut

T-ara‘s upcoming member Dani, who was originally slated to join T-ara in December, has made a request to CEO Kim Kwang Soo about formally joining the popular girl group earlier than scheduled.
The entertainment company Core Contents Media, upon hearing Dani’s request, has stated that they will be considering pushing up Dani’s debut. Taking her wishes into consideration, CCM will contemplate having Dani join T-ara for additional promotions in October with the simultaneous release of their next album in both Korea and Japan.
Whether or not she debuts in October or December, anxious QUEEN’S will be able to catch their first glimpse of Dani in the new music video for “Day by Day“, scheduled to release in July.

K-POP Lyric : Paparazzi - SNSD...............

[Jessica] Uh la la la, la la la la
Uh la la la, Wow wow
Uh la la la, la la la la
Uh la la la
[Seohyun]We’re the Girls, we’re the Girls Generation
[All]Cha cha cha cha
[Tiffany] Kocchi mite baby denwa shiteru Ring-Ring
[Jessica] Fushizen na hodo shisen na furi furi
[Seohyun] Kidzuiteru no yo paparazzi anata ga
[Sunny] Nozomi toori na egao de Aha-ha-ha
[Taeyeon] Hide and seek no Everynight
[Hyohyeon/Seohyeon] Madataku Style noseru Light
[Sooyoung] Motto ikichi hoshi kunai
[Tiffany/Yuri] Naka yoku yorimashou nakama janai
[All] Life is a party karechi kara Sweet groove
[Yoona] Itsudatte anata ga Boom Boom Boom
[All] Hade ni Car chase hana no Around
[Jessica] Hikitsuke rarete Boom Boom Boom
[Seohyun] Negan mo tsukerare yashinai ai wo
[Taeyeon]Yami wo saite Flashing saite mane
[All] Life is a party karechi kara Sweet groove
[Tiffany] Metemo samedemo Boom Boom Boom
[Jessica] Uh la la la, la la la la
Uh la la la
[Taeyeon] Yakuso to mitai gamen mo Uh la la la
[Sunny] Majime utteru ana kono La cha cha la
[Jessica] Danji no kare datte ietemo ma ma ma ma
[Seohyun]Himitsu no kisu no suriru de hara hara
[Tiffany] Punkadelic crazy night
[Yuri/Yoona] Tokimeki Style no Searching Light
[Jessica] Bad Boy Bad Girl kinishinai
[Sunny/Sooyoung] Odore sareru yori odoru ga Style
[All] Life is a party tamechi hodo ureru
[Yuri] Mitsukatta razai ga Boom Boom Boom
[All] Yoru no hade iso no kage
[Sunny] Saki no warishite Boom Boom Boom
[Jessica] Uwasa ga uwasa ni tobi hishite irai
[Taeyeon] Moe agatte Burning shiteku My name
[All] We’re the Girls, we’re the Girls Generation
*Hyoyeon Solo Dance*
[Seohyun] Aishite aisare tadake na no ni
[Taeyeon] Kono koi mo kegareta koi nande
[Jessica]Gaman dekinai gaman dekinai
[Sunny] Nande sawaiteru hima wa nai no
[Hyoyeon] Achi de mo kochi de mo Boom Boom Boom
[Yuri] Mirarete no hodo kagayaku wada kara
[Tiffany] Come on friends hora oide yo Ra-ta-ta
[All]Life is a party karechi kara Sweet groove
[Sooyoung]Itsudatte anata ga Boom Boom Boom
[All]Hade ni Car chase hana no Around
[Tiffany] Hikitsuke rarete Boom Boom Boom
[Taeyeon] Kowarete namida no hitotsumu ga ima
[Jessica] Hikaru taiyo mon do ni kawaru made
[All]Life is a party karechi kara Sweet groove
[Tiffany] (Life is a party~ Yeah, yeah, yeah! )