Monday, 25 June 2012

K-POP : Boram’s sister Wooram to hold a mini fan meet before D-Unit debut..........

D-Unit‘s Wooram, best known as the younger sister of T-ara‘s Boram, has revealed that she’ll be holding a mini fan meet before her official debut.
Having prepared to become a singer since two years ago, Wooram had an established fanbase ever since she was spotlighted as Boram’s younger sister. Her fans had watched over her slowly, but surely pave her path to becoming a singer and now boasts 300 members in the official club.
Thirty of those lucky fans will be able to meet with Wooram and her fellow D-Unit members Soojin andYoojin. Wooram’s official fanclub will be changing their status to support the entire trio after their debut.
Wooram expressed, “I was always so sorry for only receiving from my fans, so I’d like to take this opportunity to buy them food and converse with them. I plan on introducing D-Unit and asking for their support for our debut.”
Representatives of D-Unit stated, “After hearing about Wooram’s fanclub, our company thought we should do something for them. We hope that this fan meet opportunity will make their friendship stronger and help them grow as a fanclub that helps each other out.”
D-Unit will debut in early August.

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